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Sound System Design
Sound System Design

Over 1000 projects since 2007 worldwide. Advanced user of EASE: Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers.

Arenas, Houses of Worship, Gymnasiums, Warehouses, Auditoriums, Concert Halls, Paging/Emergency Systems, and many more.

Loudspeaker Design
Loudspeaker Design & Optimization

Active & Passive Crossover Designs. Studio Monitors, Live Sound & Installation Loudspeakers. Directivity & Power Response Optimization, Phase Linearization, Horn Resonance Control using FIR Filters, IIR & FIR Filters. GLL/CLF/SPK Data Programmer.

Room Acoustics
Room Acoustics Analysis & Design

Acoustic Designs for various venues since 2007: Recording Studios, Commercials, Houses of Worship, Indoor Arenas & Gymnasiums, Offices, Concert Halls & Auditoriums, and many more. Expert in 3D Acoustic Computer Model Simulation Using Ray Tracing, Image Source Methods, and Auralizations.

Advanced Users of Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers, Zorba, INSUL, and Many In-House Programs.

FIR Filters
Work with Equalization

FIR Filter R&D since 2008: Active Crossover Development, Venue Optimization, Horn Resonance Control, Directivity Optimization, Power Response Optimization, and Phase Linearization. Filter Hose Software Development.

Loudspeaker & Room Acoustic Measurements

Over 1000 loudspeaker (system/parts) measurements since 2006. Advanced Users of EASERA, Systune, TEF20, and TEF25 USB. Excel/VBA Programmers. Automated Measurements, Polar/Directivity Measurement, Distortion Analysis, and Room Acoustic Analysis.

Publications & Educations

Published two Books in the Indonesian Language. Taught Seminars, Webinars, and College Teaching in the Audio & Acoustics field since 2013 and Online Content creators since 2014. Various Online Publications in ProSoundWeb.com, ProSoundTraining.com, and HXAudioLab.com. Hold a Master's Degree in Audio Sciences with Acoustics Concentration.

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